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The Rescue Part II

Victory Marc Swift

Marc Swift

    When it seemed hope was gone

and it was late,

    When all seemed pointless

and resigned to fate,

    Just when dark night

 was setting in

to stay…

                                                                                    is there still a way?


This can’t be

the end


my day.


There came

a light-hearted Dad,

himself newly Freed,


on purpose and

with determined speed,


Coming forth to rescue

his dear beloved son,


the wounds of the past

could be undone,

his life redeemed

with love

and the victory won.


                                                                                                   Marc Swift


There’s a battle to fight for the heart of the son.

Will his heart be locked captive by a wound or will his heart emerge with compassion to free the captives?

Are you going to help his heart emerge with compassion?

Are you going to let his heart stay wounded, become bitter, defeated and beaten, never knowing that it is awaited in a home of love by a father who cares?

Or will you come to rescue it?







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