Saved! Part II

Book Cover Design Marc Swift

Book Cover Design
Marc Swift

 “The Coolness of Josh


Our future seemed to totter in the balance, ever so briefly, while both Josh and Dr. Bendler stared at me, awaiting my response.

As the fireworks crackled in the sky around us, God gave me the grace to look Josh square in the eye.

I knew I had to walk through this to get us both free. I sat there telling the devil to leave and asking for God’s help.

This tormenting evil spirit had been attached to Josh all these years to goad his wound, and I was glad it was about to leave him.

Which it did.

Josh was a changed man the next day.

Was it because of my prayer? Was it because I returned the hate with love, was it because I canceled the curse with my confidence that: “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world?”

Was it because I had fought hard for almost a year for Josh to be liberated from all the lies that had separated us? My belief was in God’s promise that He would be with me.

“Though you walk through the fire, the flames will not come near you, you will not be touched by the fire…Fear not for I am with you.” (Isaiah 43:1-5)

I had to stand strong in my resolve that Josh would be delivered. For that to happen, I had to use all the authority given to me in the name of Jesus, to resist the devil and make him flee; and to show Josh that my love was bigger, that I wasn’t going anywhere until God arose and scattered his enemies.


Excerpt from  “The Coolness of Josh”  by Marc Swift


Love is strong as death.

                            Many waters cannot quench the flame of love, neither can the floods drown it.

Song of Songs,  from the ancient scriptures


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4 Responses to Saved! Part II

  1. Charlotte

    Josh was so blessed to be loved so fiercely that you were willing to stand up to a persistant devil for as long as it took; and offer unceasing prayer for Josh’s deliverence. What joy you can take in his freedom!

  2. I did the links for you. One below the book cover and the other in the excerpt blub at bottom. 🙂 (Zoe)